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What ages can play laser tag? 

Ages 7 and up. Kids that are too young have a more difficult time following directions and as a result don’t get as much playing time.

What happens to my event if it rains? 

Sabertooth will make every effort to hold the event, however, due to the nature of electronic equipment we will have to postpone on account of rain. Indoor facilities are available throughout the Triad. If you cannot locate an indoor facility, contact us and we can try to help.

Are the taggers safe?

Yes, the taggers we use are safe. They work using infrared lasers. This is the same type of laser that is used on your television's remote control. All of the lights are LED and the communication is handled through bluetooth connectivity. Additionally all of our taggers have bright colored tips so that law enforcement knows that we are using toy guns, not the real thing. 

Can I book an event for a group larger than 10 persons?

Yes, you can book up to 13 players at checkout. Every player up to 13 could play for the entire 1.5 hour booking. If you have more players, then we can swap out groups of kids. Each booking includes 10 taggers and 10 bandanas. If you have more than 10 players, we simply add $5 per player for the added bandanas. For example, you have 16 players. If you book the 10 player package, we would rotate two groups of 8. You only pay $30 extra for the 6 additional bandanas. Call us or contact us for details.

In what areas does Sabertooth Taggers provide service?

We cover the Triad of North Carolina. This is Winston Salem, High Point and Greensboro. If you do not live within these areas there may be a fee associated with travel to your location. Please use the "contact us" link if you have any questions regarding your location distance. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We will provide a full refund to anyone cancelling one month or further out from your event date. 50% refund for three weeks out, and 25% refund for two weeks out. There are no refunds within two weeks of your scheduled event. If you have any questions regarding the cancellation policy, please use the "contact us" link found at the top of this page. There is no fee for rescheduling an event.